PrEP is a daily pill that if taken regularly offers up to 99% protection from HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis.  Any medicine used before exposure to something infectious can be a prophylactic.

In 2010, the FDA approved a single drug brand named Truvada® to be used as a pre-exposure prophylactic for HIV.

Truvada® is made of two medicines Tenofovir + Emtricitabine.  In a few years other medicines might also be approved to be used as PrEP for HIV.  But Truvada® was chosen as the first because people have been using it for a long time (as part of HIV treatment), it is very safe, and very effective for PrEP if taken regularly.

All doctors can prescribe Truvada® as PrEP and we can help get the cost covered nearly in full regardless of your insurance.

Great! We are thrilled you are ready to add PrEP to your daily routine.

There are a number of ways to get PrEP  :

You can tell your primary care provider (PCP) and bring this handy print out to help start that conversation.  

You can contact our health navigators who can help you through every step of the process using the number or form to the right. 

You can use this growing resource, a PrEP Provider Directory, to find a PrEP provider near you, set up an appointment or attend drop-in hours as a new patient.  

If you have any last minute questions or think of a new one along the way, we are always here with ready answers.

Let’s say you are freaking out about something, OK no problem.

There is a lot going on when it comes to your health. You and your story are unique. Take a breath. There is one thing you have in common with everyone else, you are in control.

Maybe PrEP can help you…Maybe another action is better…Whatever the answer, our health navigators can listen to your situation and point you in the right direction.

Contact us and we will talk it out. You have options and we can help.

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